Restaurant Et Caetera

Italian specialities 

With a love of classic Italian cuisine, Carmine Capasso prepares Italian dishes made from fresh, seasonal and quality ingredients depending on what is available in the market on the day. 

He loves cooking with fish and seafood. In fact, the main speciality at Restaurant Et Caetera is fish dishes. But he also cooks meat and pasta dishes. 

There is something to suit every taste!

A few of our stand-out dishes


  • Crispy squid fried in extra virgin olive oil on a parmesan fondue and balsamic reduction
  • Generous grilled fresh fish of the day with a mix of sea bass, salmon, lobster, prawns and squid
  • Fish casserole: several sorts of fish cooked in different styles with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs and fish sauce
  • Squid casserole
  • Restaurant Et Caetera - Fish casserole
  • Restaurant Et Caetera - Fish pasta


  • Beef tagliatelle
  • Steak with seasonal vegetables (mushrooms, asparagus...) 
  • Veal escalope (alla milanese)
  • Beef entrecĂ´te in a red wine sauce


  • Linguine alle vongole (small clams)
  • Seafood spaghetti
  • Salmon tagliatelle
  • Meat and aubergine ravioli
  • Gorgonzola gnocchi